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Volunteering at Seismic is open to anyone living in and around Mauritius.

About Seismic

We create seismic shifts in people’s mindsets to enable them to build their confidence and self belief whilst helping them develop key skills that they need to succeed in life. We do this through our unique range of training and workshops that blend interaction, creativity and technology.

Seismic activities are the vibrations that cause the earth to shift, creating earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.  

Seismic’s activities cause our participants to shift their mindsets, transfer their energy into new projects and create change in their own lives.

People are able to express and explore their creativity

Our Products

We believe that in our fast-paced technology and media driven society people aren’t given the space and time to be creative and tell their stories. We value community and sharing skills, information and opinions, and giving people the opportunity to have their voices and thoughts heard.

Seismic delivers interactive and discovery-based workshops, that use podcasting, music, DJing and storytelling for children, young people and adults to explore and develop their creativity and skills.


Interactive and discovery-based workshops

Mentoring and Groupwork

Learn through discovery and having fun

1-2-1 Personal Development Support

Increase confidence

1-2-1 Business Coaching

Enhance their communication skills

Creative and Interactive Workshops

Nurture their creativity

Corporate Training

Develop corporate skills such as team work, problem-solving and critical thinking

Bespoke Training

Accelerate individuals to succeed

Our Workshops

I Have A Dream

A workshop about planning your ambition, teaching participants how to plan routes and career paths to achieve their chosen ambition.

Podcasters Project

Create and make podcasts, learn how plan and edit a podcast, recording and interview techniques and how to select music.

DJ Club

DJ Club is an interactive workshop for lovers of music, potential DJ’s, presenters, podcasters, and performers.

Music is my DNA

Focusses on the impact of the history on what type of music has had on individuals and examine the identity trends connected to different types of music.

Podcast Drama

An interactive workshop using podcasting techniques that is focused on teaching participants performance techniques that will enhance their communication skills.

Storytelling Workshop

Participants will embark on a unique journey of creative storytelling filled with fun, performances, insight and a little bit of magic!

Seismic Hub

A creative space for vloggers, bloggers, podcasters and film makers to hire the space for their projects.

How We Engage

Support Us

Volunteering at Seismic is open to anyone living in and around Mauritius who supports its aims. Seismic particularly welcomes students aged 18 to 35.

Male, 25

‘Highly interactiveand energetic, I appreciated the fact that we were not sitting down all day but mostly on our feet’.