Per(pH)ect Pigmentation Solution


Hypo-pigmentation, hyper-pigmentation, malasma and vitiligo are common forms of pigmentation disorders. Blisters, burns, and infections can all damage the skin.

What you need to know

Welcome to your Per(pH)ect Pigmentation Solution. At Eco Diva, we offer an holistic, natural approach to healthy, pH balanced skin. For your ease and comfort, we have curated specific kits for you that have proven efficacy and successful results when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle. With the purchase of each Per(pH)ect Solution Kit, you will receive a FREE guide with tips to obtaining perfect gut health, skin health and wellbeing. If you’d like to participate in our Eco Diva 30-Day BARE FACE Revolution all you need to do is:
1. Purchase one of our Per(pH)ect Solution Kits that is right for you
2. Commit to a lifestyle and diet shift based on our healthy eating guidelines
3. Commit to purposefully reducing stress in your life and to loving yourself more
4. Take BEFORE photos and 30 days later, take AFTER photos – send them to us and join our community of healthy, glowing, natural skincare enthusiasts

We look forward to supporting you in your skin health journey with Eco Diva Natural.

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Our PER(pH)ECT PIGMENTATION SOLUTION set consists of our full face range, offering real lasting results


The skin is the largest organ of the body and absorbs everything that is applied to it. We are very proud with the results we are achieving in reversing and balancing hyper & hypo pigmentation as well as other skin sensitivity issues like psoriasis, eczema, acne and ageing. Results are achieved by offering superfood nutrition designed to match the skin’s molecular structure to effectively bring the skin’s pH levels back into balance and maintain the balance 24/7/365 . RESULTS = As nature intended: Pigmentation-free, glowing, healthy skin every single day

Common causes of pigmentation are: Sun damage, the contraceptive pill, using personal care products that contain chemicals that put the skin’s pH out of balance, poor diet, lack of rest and stress.

For optimal results, we recommend only using the Eco Diva skincare range, as combining various brands on your skin can cause more harm than good. We also recommend only using natural, vegan make-up. We suggest checking the ingredients on all products that you are using to be better informed as to the potential effects.

Our Per(pH)ect Pigementation Solution set includes:


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